Boats – Three fishing boats without motors, a paddleboat, paddleboards, kayaks, and a canoe are available at no charge to LCV guests.  (The canoe, paddleboards, kayaks, and paddleboat may not be used after dark.)
Fishing boats with motors are available for rent on a first come, first served basis.  Please complete the rental paperwork at the office.
You must have a life jacket on or with you when using any of the LCV boats.  Extra life jackets are available in the outdoor closet on the southwest corner of the office building. Please return the life jackets to the outdoor closet. 
Check the boat plugs in the LCV boats prior to use each day, as we may have pulled them out (for draining and cleaning).  Please make sure to unplug the boat, especially during storms.  The water weight will break the cable system.
Rental Rates: Pull start boats - $200/wk. or $40/day gas included (plus sales tax). Electric start - $225/wk. or $50/day gas included (plus sales tax).
Deposit Rates:  Boats & Boat Lifts - $100, Paddle boards & kayaks - $75.
Boat Lifts and uncovered dock space are available for a fee of $60/week or $15/day (plus sales tax) on a first come, first served basis. One covered power lift is available for $100/wk (plus sales tax). One 5000# lift is available for $100/wk (plus sales tax). Lifts will accommodate the LCV boats as well as most boats brought in by guests.  Note: The office must assign all boat lifts to you.  (If your boat is too large for our lifts, we will try to make other arrangements.)  All of the boat lifts crank up by turning the wheel clockwise and go down by turning the wheel counterclockwise.  Do not play on or around the boat lifts. Once the boat is floating free, do not crank out excessive cable or crank up past the stop mark.  While the boat is still on the lift, remove the plug to avoid any unnecessary weight on the lift (during rain events).You may also fish from the docks. (Please remember that other people’s boats are private property.)

Call the office (320) 846-1784 to reserve boats with motors, dock space or lifts, or if you have any questions.
Rules and Regulations in Regards to Usage of Boat Lifts/Docks
At check in these topics need to be mentioned and information gathered from boat lift/dock users. Please keep a written copy of information.
  1.  Boat length ___________
  2. Total weight ___________
    1. boat __________
    2. motor_________
    3. gas ___________
    4. other items ________
  3. Ask users if they wish to have instructions on how to correctly and safely use docks/lifts.
  4. Mention there is to be no powering on or off lift.
  5. Boat plug should be pulled at night in case of severe weather that may occur during the night.
  6. In cranking boat lift wheel, it should not be allowed to spin freely or over cranked either way, especially in lowering. Over cranking and abuse is causing issues with cable lines adding unnecessary expenses.
  7. If boat seems too large for lift just secure boat, please do not use lift.
  8. User should let office staff know when they are done using lift so it can be checked by staff.
  9. Dock users are expected to trailer boats if there is inclement weather forecasted.
  10. Boats that are over 4500# or pontoon over 24 feet may not be attached to LCV dock system, and will have to beached, trailered, or mooring system used without attachment to dock system to prevent any damage.
As stated in the LCV Rules and Regulations regarding dock and/or boat lift usage:
20.1    All owners’ boats and equipment must be secured by the owner at the assigned location only.  LCV and management cannot be held responsible for personal, rental, or LCV equipment used by any owner or guest.
20.7    Watercraft owners may be asked to remove their watercraft from docks/lifts in severe weather and will be held responsible for any damages to LCV property.

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