Date:   November, 2022


To:      Owners of two-season "floating" weeks


Re:      RESERVATION PROCEDURES FOR WEEKS 21-23 & 36-39 of the Year 2024


            A.        Mail-in Procedures

                        1.  You may request a reservation for weeks 21, 22, 23, 36, 37, 38, and/or 39

                        of 2024 by completing the form (over) and sending it to LCV. The LCV Office

                        must receive your form on or before one year prior to the check-in

                        date of the week requested.        

                       2. If you own more than one two-season week, you must fill out one form for each

          week that you wish to put into the "pool."


                       3. If you request more than one week and it is not drawn, it will be put in the next

Drawing that you selected. For example, if you check all 7 weeks and your form is

NOT drawn for week 21, it will be put in the "pool" for the week 22 drawing, etc.  


                      4. There will be seven drawings.The drawings will be held on the Tuesday after the

check-in date for each of the seven weeks, a drawing will be made by the LCV office,

with at least two owners present.


                       5. If your form IS drawn for one of the weeks you indicated, you will receive

a confirmation from the LCV office.


                                        a.  If you will be depositing your week with RCI or Interval, you will be assigned

a unit number of the size that you own (1 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR-Loft or a 3 BR).                          


                                        b. If you will be using your week at LCV, the LCV office will assign you one

             of your preferred units insofar as possible.


                      6. If your form IS NOT drawn in any of the drawings requested, the LCV office

will inform you after the last drawing, so that you may make another decision regarding reserving your week for usage or for depositing with exchange company.

(For example, you may reserve week 20 at this time if available or wait to reserve weeks 40-43 using the standard reservation procedures).


                        7. Consistent with LCV Rules & Regulations, you must prepay the

                        maintenance dues prior to space banking your assigned week(s).


B.        For non-lottery weeks (20, 40-43)

            You may call-in your request(s) one year prior to check in date of that week’s reservation.

The day after the one-year of check in date reservations can be made by walk-in, mail, or by email.






NOTE:  This is NOT a drawing for an extra week.  This process is used

                        for those wishing to reserve weeks 21, 22, 23, 36, 37 38, and/or 39.













Mail this form to:  Lake Carlos Villas,    3954 Co. Rd. 42 NE,     Alexandria, MN 56308


Owner_________________________________________  Cert. No.____________




(City, State, Zip)   _____________________________________________________


E-mail address_______________________________________________________


Please put my  _____ BR two-season week into the "pool" for  Year 2024:

Wk 21____   Wk 22____   Wk 23____   Wk 36____   Wk 37____   Wk 38____    Wk 39____


Preference(s) for Unit Number (Optional)   ________________________________________


__________________________              _____________________             _______________

Signature of owner                                      Telephone no. (daytime)                        (evening)


Note:  This form is only to be used for reserving weeks 21 - 23 & 36 - 39.

Use regular call-in procedures for reserving weeks 20 and 40 - 43.

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