1. Owners of 2-season weeks send their Lottery Entry Forms (see attached) to the LCV Office, which confirms the Certificate Number (via database) and what unit they own (1 BR, 2BR, 2 BR/Loft, and 3 BR). The Owner ID number is written on the Lottery Entry Form.
  2. There are 7 lottery drawings: Weeks 21, 22, 23, 36, 37, 38 and 39. If no weeks are checked on a Lottery Entry Form, the LCV Office will contact the owner to see which weeks they want checked.
  3. Number the Lottery Entry Forms sequentially as they are turned in.
  4. Separate the Lottery Entrance forms into unit sizes.
  5. File the Lottery Entrance Forms in the large drawer left of the desk until the drawings are held. (Keep for 2 years past the drawing.)
  6. The drawing for each week occurs no greater than one year from the 1st day of check-in and no less than 51 weeks prior to 1st day of check-in for the following year’s week.
  7. At the beginning of each week, ask two owners or guests, (preferably who are staying at LCV) if they would participate in the Lottery Drawing. Also, one staff member and one Board member (if available) or two staff members should be present.
  8. Prior to each weekly lottery drawing, office staff should verify that (a) the entries included in the drawing have that week checked, (b) no entry certificate number already has a reservation for a 2-season week, and (c) there is only one entry form per certificate.
  9. For each unit size, mix up prepared numbers and have the owners/guests draw as many as are indicated on the Lottery Order of Drawing form (see attached).
  10. Indicate on each Lottery Entry Form the order that it was drawn (e.g. #1 for the 1st drawn, #2 for the 2nd drawn, etc.) for each size unit. The order number would also be indicated on the “Lottery Order of Drawing form, along with the owner’s ID number and certificate number. (Owners names are not listed.)
  11. Accommodate the unit preferences, in the order that the forms are drawn, based on the priority order listed on the Lottery Entry Form.
  12. If owners of 2-bedroom units indicate that they will be banking their units, assign them 2-bedroom units with one bath.Units of other sizes to be banked can be randomly assigned.
  13. Immediately after the Lottery Entry forms are drawn for each size unit, indicate the units assigned on the Lottery Unit Assignment form (see attached), with the signatures of the owners/guests and staff at the bottom of the form.(Owner ID numbers and certificate numbers are listed, and not the owners’ names.This form is posted in the Library and LCV Office.)
  14. Three alternate certificate numbers will be drawn for the one-bedroom, two- bedroom/loft, and three-bedroom units. Six alternate certificates will be drawn for the two bedroom units for each lottery week.
  15. The alternate Lottery Entry forms are placed back into the lottery entries for any remaining lottery drawings that have been checked on the form.
  16. If a reservation for a lottery week is cancelled, the list of alternates will be used to fill the vacancy.(The owner of the 1st alternate certificate would be contacted 1st, the 2nd alternate contacted 2nd, etc.)If the owner of an alternate certificate selects the vacant week, their original reservation would be cancelled, thus creating another vacancy.If this vacancy is a lottery week, the same procedure of contacting the alternates is used.Any vacancy of a non-lottery week would be made available for reservation by an owner of a 2-season certificate of the same size unit, and would be listed on the LCV website under “Availability for 2-season Owners.”
  17. The certificate number of the week used to reserve a cancelled lottery reservation must be the same as the week indicated on the form drawn as an alternate.
  18. The owner of the alternate certificate for a vacant lottery week would have four days to respond to the option.The office staff would inform them of the exact date and time required for a response. If they do not respond, the staff would then contact the owner of the next alternate certificate. This procedure would continue through the entire list of alternate certificate numbers for that week.
  19. If no owner of the alternate certificates is interested in reserving a vacant week, the week will be listed as available for reservation by any 2-season owner of the same size unit, and listed on the LCV website under “Availability for 2-season Owners.”
  20. If a lottery week has not been reserved 14 days in advance of the check-in date, it may be assigned to any owner paying the Bonus Time Rate. The Office would cease calling alternates 14 days prior to check-in. Rules and Regulations are followed when a reservation is cancelled.
  21. Office staff will complete the Reservation Procedure by entering the reservation in the Access database, the Excel Spreadsheet.
  22. Office staff will inform the winners via written communication, using the appropriate form letter.
  23. At the end of the 7 weeks of drawings, the LCV Office will contact each person that was not drawn for any of the weeks, and they will need to contact the Office to make a reservation.
  24. If an owner wishes a different unit or week than assigned, based on the above procedures, they may use the “For Trade” section of the LCV website to indicate their desire to trade for a different unit or week.Office staff will not make the contacts with other owners to facilitate trades.



  • Lottery Entry Form
  • Lottery Order of Drawing form
  • Lottery Unit Assignment form



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